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Aaj Tak-connected TV is highly effective for advertisers, led to 2.5X brand awareness: Alok Agarwal, CMO, Orientbell Tiles

Agarwal feels partnering with the Aaj Tak-connected TV ecosystem has provided the company with the best returns on investment as the reach was across devices such as smart TV, mobile and desktops and it led to a massive gain in terms of brand recall and awareness

Alok Agarwal

Orientbell Tiles, a leading manufacturer of premium tiles, has always been a digital-first advertiser and has never shied away from experimenting when it comes to marketing strategies. The brand recently ran a campaign on Aaj Tak-connected TV that provided it reach across television and digital assets of Aaj Tak at the same time.

Alok Agarwal, the Chief Marketing Officer of the company, feels that the Aaj Tak-connected TV ecosystem has been a great initiative in terms of grabbing attention of consumers.


“In the Aaj Tak-connected universe, we saw a 2.5 times increase in brand awareness and a 50% increase in message recall among those aware,” he said.



Orientbell has always been a digital-first advertiser, what determines your strategy?

Our customer decides our strategy. We will be there where the customer is and will try and engage with him in a way that’s relevant to him. Thanks to the accessibility of mobile devices, the pandemic has only increased dependence on them. Consumers today spend much more time on their digital devices than on any other medium.

Have you done any innovative campaign in the recent past?

We are always trying to engage with our customers with content that is relevant to them. Throughout the pandemic, we have been leading conversations, encouraging our audience to maintain physical distancing, stay indoors or wear masks. As the lockdowns ended and movement increased during Diwali, our campaign. “Karo Rishton Ko Renovate” encouraged our followers to reinvest in their relationships.


Recently, as the year ended, our “Bye-Bye 2020” campaign reflected the sense of relief the masses felt after a really demanding year and their hopes from 2021. Each campaign focused on the need of the hour and captured the feelings of consumers around that time.

What was your objective behind trying out a new advertising medium?

The media landscape is evolving faster than ever before. So we are always experimenting to stay connected with our customer. Aaj Tak’s connected TV is a natural fit with our TG and it was great collaborating with them to design an experiment that not only addressed our concerns (on investments) but also set up metrics for measuring performance to objectively judge the outcomes.

How was your experience with Aaj Tak-connected TV (web, app, smart TV, YouTube, etc.), especially knowing that fact you were the first one to do so?

The ad worked well and we saw a 2.5 times increase in brand awareness. Among those aware, the message recall also increased by 50%, which is both a function of the creative as well as the medium.

Do you think Aaj Tak-connected TV is a very cost-effective medium for new-age digital Advertisers?

It was a very cost-effective medium for us. The cost per view was competitive.

What kind of apprehensions did you initially have about Aaj Tak-connected TV?

The concerns are similar across mediums. The main challenge for marketers is to engage the consumer's attention for those few seconds of his/her life. While we all love ads, we also get distracted during ad-breaks for all the normal distractions that exist.

Do you think connected TV has more attentiveness as compared to traditional TV ad?

We did speak to a few consumers who had experienced it. They were all more leaning-in to the mobile screen and seemed more engaged to it than to the larger screen. Looking at our results, we are certain that connected TV reached a large audience and had good engagement.

What kind of feedback did you get from your B2B partners or from the market on this campaign? Do you think it helped with your brand recall or awareness?

Yes, there was a buzz about the film and it generated both brand awareness and messaging recall.

Did you achieve the desired reach?

Yes it exceeded our expectations. As a marketer, you always want more. The advertisement definitely resulted in improved brand metrics

Would you like to continue your association with Aaj Tak-connected TV?

It is an interesting medium. We would definitely be open to evaluating it for appropriate campaigns.

Would you like to refer this product to a new-age marketer?

Yes, we had a good experience with it, and the product has potential.

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